Partners in crime...

Erik Haagensen Artist Bio

Through all of my adult life, I have been experimenting in the arts. My work has included books of poetry, small-scale metal sculpture, photocopy art, outdoor sculptural installations, radio broadcast performances, handmade books, collage, digital art, and photography. Much of this has been rather silly and absurd, or Dada as they would have taught me to say in grad school.

I graduated from a liberal arts university where I studied theology, philosophy, psychology and business. It was a course of study that was perfect training for a young tel-Evangelist, although this was not my intent. I also took some art history and studio art and enjoyed the many fine art museums of Washington DC. Then, for most of the 90’s, I had exhilarating day jobs in the fascinating world of enterprise software applications. When done waiting on the senior executives (not tables) all day, I would go home and make art.

In 2001 my principal focus shifted to clay, as my sweetie and I began to chase the dream of creating a large community art studio dedicated to clay. We founded MudFire Clayworks in Atlanta, where for over ten years we shared space with over 100 artists and students at a time, taught every day, produced monthly gallery exhibits, and hosted artists from around the world for workshops.

In 2013, we got tired of the big city, sold the studio to a group of artist friends, moved to an old farm in Appalachia to making pots full-time and give farm life a try. We’re having the time of our lives.