Partners in crime...

New Pots Added to Spring 2009 Gallery

Just added some more pots to my Spring 2009 Gallery, fresh out of the kiln this week. More henna boxes, some serving bowls, mini-plates, and vases both new and augmented. I had a couple pieces I wasn’t so crazy about, and a delightful thing about this process is you can always add more ink and […]


MudFire had a nice mention in the May 13, with information about our mid-range reduction firings we do. It also had some of my old work pictured from before the drawings. Check it out…

Faster Pussycat

Spent an afternoon testing a bunch of different pens, trailers, bamboo pens (thank you Paul Lewing!), brushes etc., trying to find a faster way to paint. I kinda like the test tile. But I really like that it seems like the drawing is about to get a whole lot faster. I’ll wait until my test […]

A Strange Request

We had a booth at the big Atlanta outdoor art/craft show this weekend, The Dogwood Festival, with work for sale and running demonstrations of pottery making on the wheel and otherwise. I think its fair to say that people in general are transfixed when they watch a potters hands transform a lump of mud to […]

New Door

Hey, do me a favor, send me an email if the posting size of these pictures is too big and I should scale ’em down with thumbnails or some such.

OK, my friend Bart Webb, a metal sculptor, is making us a kick-@ss door to sit between MudFire’s exhibit area and our offices. It will […]

Partner In Crime

I would seriously be no good at crime without my partner in crime. I promise not to do this too often but some times you are so proud of you’re sweetie that you got to put it out there. My hoodied honey kicking it unassuming in MudFire’s Front Room Gallery…


A Student’s Progression

OK, here’s a couple quick posts I’ve been meaning to make. At you in short order…

First off, right before heading off to NCECA, I spent a few hours on the wheel with a clay beginner. I thought they did really well for quick off the bat (pardon the pun) progress. Here are their first […]

First Batch of Color Experiments

As mentioned on my “Process” page, I have just started developing and testing new colored inks for drawing with. I broke them out for an invitation to make some evil clown shot glasses for a circus themed show at Alcove Gallery just around the corner. The results were very exciting and I can’t wait to […]

Haagensen.Net is live….

….just in time for NCECA. Thank you for visiting the site and I hope you enjoy the information and images. I’ll be using this site as my personal artist information site and eventually have work for sale here. almost here!

Thanks for visiting. I’m working on a big re-do of, please bear with me!